Star-Lord Is Getting a Stylish New Outfit for His Next Marvel Solo Comic

Star-Lord #2 cover art by Kris Anka.
Star-Lord #2 cover art by Kris Anka.

It was always a little weird that, following the runaway success of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Peter Quill suddenly ditched his usual outfit for his movie costume in the comics—mainly because none of the other Guardians did. That’s no longer going to be the case, though, with Star-Lord ditching his movie costume for something new.


Although actually, not all of it is going away. Revealed through today, Kris Anka has designed a new costume for the new Star-Lord ongoing series he’s doing with Chip Zdarsky, and only the mask—now too “iconic” a part of Quill’s look to be changed, according to Anka—remaining from the movie look.

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Anka’s new design is actually a blend of the costumes Peter Quill has had over his long career, both in the comics and now on-screen. While the mask remains from the movie, the undershirt carries the same design as the character’s very first costume from the ‘70s, while the stylish jacket pays homage to the uniform the Guardians wore in Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s seminal revival of the team in 2008.

It’s definitely a much sleeker and more “superhero”-y look than the long scarlet duster he’s been tooling around in for the past few years—and it’s nice to see the comic book version of the character get his original fashion sense back, rather than just being a copy of his MCU counterpart. Star-Lord is set to begin this Fall.

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I dunno.

I liked the jacket.

My whole thing is, this cat was never really a “superhero”. He’s most easily described as a space pirate. There really isn’t much call for him to wear a uniform. Also, the other characters did change their usual looks in the last couple volumes of Guardians. Gamora especially fluctuates between the movie ‘fit, the original, more risque duds she originally debuted in, and this weird space suit contraption. But I think it works for this book, because they don’t have identities to protect, and they should be changing clothes pretty regularly and just going into battle in whatever they had on at the time.

(Low key I’ve always hated superhero costumes because it creates so many awkward questions about layering, delays in saving folks due to changing, etc.... not to mention, the average person wouldn’t bother making a costume beyond a mask, so why does literally EVERYONE who gets superpowers and decides to be an adventurer/criminal?)