Stan Lee's New Mission: To Make British Children Cry

The British version of Stan Lee's reality TV series Who Wants To Be A Superhero is under fire for sending many hopeful super-kids in tears. Oh Stan, how could you?

Thirteen children cast in the reality program are competing to have their character made into a comic strip. Each one child is eliminated by being "powered down," but only after a panel of judges have ripped apart the child's superhero performance. Which is a great way to encourage imagination and creative thought - by telling children their ideas are crap. So far two children have broken down on camera when their characters were cut or "powered down."


Three child psychologists, quoted in the Daily Mail, took real issue with the show's rough treatment of the children.

The show's winner will travel to LA to meet Lee himself, who I can only assume will have to piece together the fragile shattered psyche of the poor child long enough to write a comic about his/her make-believe character.

I haven't seen the British version of this program, but I'm going to have some issues with judges who point at a child's homemade cape and tear it to shreds. A bit harsh, but not a surprising for Channel 4, who has previously been accused of "corporate child abuse." Sweep in and fix this Stan - we know you can.


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