Stan Lee's British Superpowered Show Is Actually Coming to the U.S.

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In 2015, British broadcaster Sky commissioned a new superhero/crime show emblazoned with the divine branding of Stan Lee (side note: stop doing that) called Lucky Man. But while the first season of the series has come and gone in the U.K., the show has yet to make it stateside... until, say, right now.

To celebrate the incoming second season for the show, set to air in the U.K. this year, the first season of Lucky Man—which follows London cop Harry Clayton (James Nesbitt) after he comes into possession of a mystical artifact that grants him luck-altering abilities—is now available to watch for the first time in the U.S. and Canada through iTunes. Here’s your mandatory excelsior from Lee himself about the news:

Luck has always been a fascinating subject to me, and I am thrilled to finally share that fascination and the story of Harry Clayton with audiences in the US and Canada. I feel like the luckiest man in the world. Excelsior!


How could you have possibly known that this statement came from Stan Lee without that “Excelsior” at the end? Anyway, if you’re interested in giving the series a shot, it’s available for purchase through iTunes now.

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It’s not a bad show, but the “superpowered” component wears thin after awhile. It’s more like a cop show with a MacGuffin to explain some of the more “out-there” stuff he gets into.