Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel

Dr. Doom is really, honestly, a beautiful creation and I would have forgiven every single awful F4nt4stic Four movie if they’d gotten him right. That said, Stan Lee would like to stick for Victor von Doom’s right to want to rule the world.

Lee answered the question “Who’s your favorite supervillain?” for teenaged leukemia survivor, KJ Ricci, and gave a very interesting answer:

I think maybe Dr. Doom, and I’ll tell you why. Everybody’s got Dr. Doom misunderstood. Everyone thinks he’s a criminal, but all he wants is to rule the world. Now if you really think about it, objectively, you could walk up to a policeman and you could say, “Excuse me, officer, I want to tell you something. I wanna rule the world.” He can’t arrest you. It’s not a crime to want to rule the world. So, Dr. Doom is a very—it’s unfair that he’s considered a villain. Cause he just wants to rule the world and maybe he could do a better job of it. So I’m very interested in Dr. Doom and I’d like to clear his name.


I’m in. Doom 2020.

Listen to it at the three-minute mark:

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Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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