Like a lovable grandpa spoiling the surprise birthday cake at the family dinner, Marvel's venerable Stan Lee spilled the beans on Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot. He revealed not only his cameo, but confirmed one epic fight scene involving lizards.

From Stan Lee's Q&A at the Dallas Comic Con (video above):

"Wait til' you see it, oh it's so funny... This one is genius.... There's a big battle going on with Spider-Man and the Lizard in the library. I'm the librarian. And I'm stamping books. I'm just stamping books, and I have earphones on and I'm listening to music... This life and death battle is going on behind me but I don't know it, I don't hear them. That's what it is, it looks so funny and I look so dumb."


The biggest disappointment? X-Men: First Class doesn't include a Stan Lee cameo. What — he couldn't play the doddering guard outside Cuba's secret stockpile of missiles? Boo on you X-Men.

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