Stan Lee reveals the secrets of all his upcoming Marvel cameos. Plus more big clues for Fringe and Supernatural!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Danai Gurira discusses playing Michonne on The Walking Dead. Rupert Sanders reveals an intriguing dwarf-related hint about Snow White and the Huntsman. Seth Grahame-Smith talks Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Dark Shadows. Plus Battleship and Wrath of the Titans videos!


It's spoilers all the way down!

Top image from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The Avengers

Stan Lee discusses his cameo in that inimitable Stan Lee style:

"'The Avengers' cameo that you will see, when that movie opens up, is possibly one of my best. And you know how good mine have been, but [‘The Avengers] cameo] is so funny. I can't tell you what it is because they'd kill me, but it's funny."

The Amazing Spider-Man

He continued that quote by revealed his cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man is also a humorous one:

"So is the ‘[Amazing] Spider-Man' one, by the way. They're deciding to make my cameos a little funnier. They know that's what brings the audiences in, of course, so they've gotta play them up."


Iron Man 3

And one last bit of Stan Lee cameo discussion, this time for the third Iron Man movie. This is probably the most Stan Lee quote yet:

"I haven't done that cameo yet. It's almost scary because they just give me a date. They'll say, ‘Stan, come over next Thursday for your cameo,' but they don't tell me what it is. So, I show up and they say, ‘Go to wardrobe.' In wardrobe, they say, ‘We want to get you a white shirt and a green sweater and a black zippered jacket,' and I'll say, ‘Don't bother, I'm wearing one.' And then, they say, ‘But, you can't wear yours!,' and they look around and get me the exact same thing, but I'm not allowed to wear my own. And I still don't know what my role will be. I go on the set and one minute before we're gonna shoot, the director says, ‘Okay, Stan, this is what I want you to do.' So, I don't know what is expected of me, until I get there, but of course, I do it magnificently."



Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith explains the transition from his original novel to director Timur Bekmambetov's film:

When I was writing the book, I saw all this unfolding in a very old fashioned, historical, biopic kind of way. And then obviously you get Timur involved in it and all of a sudden you're in this crazy, high octane, otherworldly action universe. So what I could not have imagined was the size and the scope of the sequences that are in this movie. All of those things people see: there's a horse sequence in this movie, there's a train sequence in the movie, there are crazy fight sequences throughout the movie, all of that comes from his imagination. Like, I don't know how to put those sequences together, in my mind at least. So I think Timur, what he does, is take a 19th century biopic and give it a 21 century visual treatment, which is something pretty new.



Pacific Rim

Paramount has moved the release date of Guillermo del Toro's epic monster-fighting movie, which stars Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day, and Idris Elba, from May 10, 2013 to July 12, 2013. [Coming Soon]



Here's a featurette explaining just how the movie's aliens learned about Earth. [Coming Soon]

Snow White and the Huntsman

Director Rupert Sanders drops some interesting and rather unexpected hints about the movie's dwarves:

"The dwarves really, you know, dwarves mythologically are latent sexuality, you know, they're half-men. So, they're kind of, they're about sexual awakening. It's really about another group of people who have lost everything because of the [Queen's] reign, and they are touched by Snow White and they decide that they will fight for their pride again alongside her."


I feel obligated to point out that this dwarven sexual awakening involves such well-known sex symbols as Bob Hoskins, Toby Jones, Brendan Gleeson, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, and Ian McShane. [Comic Book Resources]

Dark Shadows

Writer Seth Grahame-Smith says the movie's (theoretically) funny trailer is an accurate depiction of the film itself:

It is. It's a funny movie. But I will say it's also a Gothic, dark movie and there's also a lot of soap opera in it. I mean the movie is a lot of different things, just like the soap opera was a lot of different things. I think that we weren't afraid to let Johnny [Depp] invent this character and be funny. I think if you were just going to do a straight forward, soap opera for two hours, I think people would get bored. I think people want to be entertained. So I think we've found a great way to entertain people but also stay true to some of the origins of the series.



Wrath of the Titans

Here's a sneak peek clip. [Coming Soon]

And here's a video looking at one of the movie's mythical beasts, specifically the Makhai. [Coming Soon]

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Here's a new promo image of Bruce Willis as Joe Colton, the original G.I. Joe. [Coming Soon]


Here's a short new official synopsis:

In this sequel, the G.I. Joes are not only fighting their mortal enemy Cobra; they are forced to contend with threats from within the government that jeopardize their very existence.


300: Battle for Artemisia

Paramount has set a release date for the Noam Munro's 300 follow-up. The movie, which is reportedly set to star Eva Green and original Xerxes actor Rodrigo Santoro, is set to come out August 10, 2013. [Coming Soon]



Showrunner Joel Wyman discusses tonight's episode, "A Short Story About Love", including how Olivia seems to be remembering things Peter doesn't know and thus would not be able to imprint on her:

That was the thing that was on purpose, when you realized that something didn't make sense. Sometimes you feel you know what's going on, and then all of a sudden it flips and we're trying to make you look at it from a different perspective, but you will definitely get an answer. [Friday's episode] "A Short Story About Love" is definitely a culmination of all the things we've been working towards and it's definitely a must-see because of that. It delivers on promises and even poses a couple of questions you didn't think of. It's definitely one to see for resolution.

Poor Lincoln (Seth Gabel): He's the James Marsden of Fringe, where he never gets the girl. How will he feel about this new turn of events with Peter and Olivia?
The episode is called "A Short Story About Love" for a reason. Any great love story worth telling needs to have a lot of obstacles in its path. You have to fight for love because then it means something. It's not always fair. That's what Lincoln would understand, that Olivia feels that she's connected to Peter in a way that she can't explain, but it's there. That obviously causes a great deal of pain and frustration. But if he was given the chance, if Peter wasn't there, if there was another way and Peter would not interfere with what Lincoln feels that they had the beginnings of... but that's life. You don't get to choose who you fall in love with.


There's more at the link. [TV Guide]

Lost alum Rebecca Mader has reportedly been cast for a guest role in the final two episodes as Jessica, described as "a strong, brave woman involved in a case linked to supervillain David Robert Jones." Executive producer Joel Wyman revealed, "She will have an emotional connection with Olivia. They may find out they have more in common then they first thought." The same article also quotes fellow showrunner Jeff Pinkner as revealing, "The finale in many ways is our characters' final battle." [TV Guide]


Game of Thrones

I can't vouch for the authenticity of this, but here's what's supposed to be a fan's reactions to an advanced screening of the season two premiere.[SpoilerTV]

The Walking Dead

Treme actress Danai Gurira discusses her preparations to play Michonne:

I'm going to develop that with [showrunner] Glen Mazzara and the whole creative team. They have their own take on the source material. I'm going to be meeting with them next week to get an understanding of what their take is and how she grows and develops. I'll find out the answer to that in the coming weeks in terms of exactly how she will map out with what she is in the books vs. what she will be on the screen. I'll be learning as I go in some regards. I do know that she remains an absolute badass and I will be training with katana swords. I'm really excited about that.

Is that something that you've done before?
I have but not to the extent where I have any sort of belt in any sort of martial art or anything like that. (Laughing.) I did a lot of combat training when I was in grad school; I've worked with the sword in performances a decent amount. I definitely think this is on a whole other level, so I'll be learning how to wield that thing all anew but I do have a bit of sword work in the past.


There's more at the link. [Live Feed]


Here's the official description for episode six, the wonderfully titled "That's Not My Penguin", which airs April 5:

HAPPY SLEEP - BILLY LUSH (‘THE CHICAGO CODE') GUEST STARS - While working a hostage situation with Detective Vega (Wilmer Valderrama), Detective Michael Britten (Jason Isaacs) unexpectedly finds himself collaborating with Dr. Lee (BD Wong). In an effort to calm down Gabriel Wyath (guest atar Billy Lush) - a patient who has threatened to blow up a mental hospital - Britten is compromised, and the effects follow him into his other reality. Meanwhile, Rex (Dylan Minnette) introduces his girlfriend, Emma (Daniela Bobadilla), to his dad and Bird (Steve Harris) shows concern over Britten's lack of focus due to his sleepless nights.



Once Upon a Time

Here are three sneak peeks for this Sunday's episode, "Hat Trick", which hopefully you all know at this point features Roger Daltrey as a talking caterpillar, because I've pointed it out approximately 5,000 times at this point. Anyway, here are the sneak peeks.

Robert Carlyle discusses what's ahead for Rumplestiltskin in episode 19, "The Return", which is set to air April 22 after the show takes a two-week hiatus:

"It goes back to the moment he became Rumplestiltskin - and [his son] can't handle this person his father [has become]. He wants me to give up the power. He has to be stabbed through the heart to give away that power, so that can never really happen - but something else does. Dot, dot, dot..."


Yes, he actually said "dot, dot, dot", because that's just how Robert Carlyle rolls. [TV Line]

666 Park Avenue

Helena Mattsson, whose previous credits include Desperate Housewives and Nikita, has reportedly been cast in the ABC pilot set among the supernatural goings-on in a New York apartment building. Her character is reportedly called Alexis. [Variety]



Here's a sneak peek for tonight's episode, "The Born-Again Identity", which features the big return of Castiel. [Multiple Verses]

And here's a preview for the episode from executive producer Robert Singer. [BuddyTV]

Misha Collins reveals some key clues about this new Castiel we're about to meet:

He comes back with amnesia, which is probably a good thing for him because he isn't too happy with what he's done. So the fact that he doesn't remember it is probably nice for him. He doesn't have to suffer quite as much when he first comes back. But there will be plenty of suffering for Cas to come... I don't want to give too much away, but I would say that it's a version of Cas that we have, to a certain extent, seen before... Not to reveal too much, but yes, he does have healing powers... When we first see Cas, he's fully aware that he's suffering from amnesia, but also content with things as they are.

How would you say the dynamic between Cas and the brothers has changed?
There's some fence mending that needs to go on between them all. They are wary of Cas now, somewhat distrustful and frustrated. So there's a bit of a distance. It's almost like they went through a very traumatic thing together and haven't quite healed.


There's more at the link. [TV Line]

Here are some promo images and the official description for episode eighteen, "Party On, Garth", which airs March 30 and features the return of DJ Qualls. [KSiteTV]

GARTH IS BACK TO HELP THE WINCHESTERS - Dean (Jensen Ackles) is surprised when he gets a call from Garth (guest star DJ Qualls) asking for the brothers' help on a case. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean discover they are battling a Shojo, a Japanese creature sent to seek revenge on enemies. The worst part about fighting a Shojo? You can only see it when you're drunk.


Here's an interview with star Jared Padalecki. [Multiple Verses]

Being Human (US)

Here are some promo photos from this Monday's episode, "Don't Fear the Scott. [SpoilerTV]


The Vampire Diaries

Here are some promo photos for next week's episode, "The Murder of One." [KSiteTV]


And here's a promo.

The Secret Circle

Here's a promo for next week's episode, "Sacrifice." [SpoilerTV]

Executive producer Andrew Miller discusses when next we will see Cassie's grandmother:

"Like with everything on this show, that's complicated. She's still not in great shape, but Cassie will turn to her for help in a way that no one else can help her. We'll deal with her health issues then."


[TV Line]


Roger Cross, whose credits include 24 and The Gates, has reportedly been cast as a detective in the pilot, while Darren Shahlavi, who played Kano in Mortal Kombat Legacy, has reportedly been cast as a villain. [KSiteTV]


There's a whole bunch of filming dates and locations released for the various CW pilots. First up, the Green Arrow pilot is currently filming from March 10 until April 2 until Vancouver. [SpoilerTV]

Beauty and the Beast (The CW)

Next up, the Kristen Kreuk starring Beauty and the Beast pilot, based on the 1980s show with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, reportedly started filming yesterday in Toronto and will run until April 2. [SpoilerTV]


The Selection

Finally, the CW's pilot that is essentially their version of The Hunger Games is filming from March 15 to March 29 in Vancouver. [SpoilerTV]


And here are some set photos to prove it. There's a bit of additional information on the photos at the link, and you can also check out some additional photos here. [Hollywood North on Location]

Lost Girl

Rachel Skarsten tweeted that she will be joining the cast as a new character for the third season. [@RachieSkar]


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Stan Lee: "Hey there. Do you mind if I write on this? I need to practice my name."

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