Stan Lee Coasts On Past Career To New Superhero Franchise

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It's rare that you read a news story that makes you think, "Haven't any of you seen 'Who Wants To Be A Superhero'?" but the announcement that Stan Lee is partnering with two other production companies to launch a new superhero property is just one of those stories. Don't get me wrong, I love Lee's work as much as the next geek, but seriously, people. You're throwing your money away, here.


According to the Hollywood Reporter:

"Legion of 5" — owned jointly by Rainmaker, POW! and Brighton — is planned as a series of CG-animated films but with a cross-platform approach to include games, online and mobile releases. Merchandizing is part of the plan as well.

Details of the characters and story line are being kept under wraps.


Do you know why they're being kept under wraps? Because Stan probably hasn't thought of them yet. Personally, I'm hoping that there are more than five members in the Legion, just to confuse people; the bad guy would be all "I have defeated all five members! I am victorious!" and then get the shit kicked out them by the mystery sixth member, Shit-Kicker Girl.

That said, that kind of idea isn't worth millions of dollars, and that's the spend that Lee is looking at here:

Rainmaker CEO Warren Franklin reported that the partners are raising about $24 million to get things going. "We are hoping to develop a strong franchise with the characters," he said.

There's something wrong with corporate America that they need to say things like "We're spending 24 million dollars, and we'd like to see something come from spending so much money," isn't there?

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@AdamL: If you get an analogy, then it was a good one.. so thank you ;)

@extracrispy: What he really needs is like to create something after an aging soft porn star/ rock slut... oh wait.