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Stackable City Of the Oddworld Dead

Illustration for article titled Stackable City Of the Oddworld Dead

In the series of Oddworld video games, where you play the messianic, farting mudokon Abe, you come across a city of the dead called Necrum. It's a very creepy place, as you can see from this artwork, and looks like a landscaper's nightmare. Just scaling those palm tree tower things along would be fairly death-defying, and that's just if you could manage to quit looking at the Chuck-Jones-on-acid landscape.


The Necrum level had quite an impact on fans of Oddworld even inspiring fanart around the net. People loved the spooky setting the level took place in, and were drawn to the reverence of the resting place of the mudokon dead. In this part of the game, you have to drive out the baddies in the mines below and return the city to a place of mourning, which artist Rob Brown took into account while designing it.

Brown has worked as an artist and art director for a slew of companies from Disney to Activision, but his stint on the Oddworld games is probably what he's best known for, since he provided a real look and feel to this alien world. He brings a dark, brooding intensity to his artwork, which normally isn't seen in such a lighthearted game, and made it seem like a living, breathing world. Check out some of his other concept art on his website, and lament the loss of Oddworld.

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You guys are delusional if you actually think that Oddworld is gone forever. They've moved on to working on a possible Oddworld related movie which also has ties to a video game.

It's not gone, sadly just being forsaken by gamers similar to how DOTT falls to the way side of Sam & Max, and Heavy Metal FAKK2 never got any press.

Quit acting like the crazy people holding the end of the world signs in front of the doughnut shop.