Sriracha Factory Declared A Public Nuisance In California

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Irwindale, California, home of the sriracha factory, has declared the factory where that particular bit of hot sauce-alchemy happens to be a public nuisance. No, not to other, lesser condiments (hi there, ketchup), but to the air.


After a series of complaints from residents in the area (and one country court case,) the South Coast Air Quality Management District — the agency responsible for monitoring air pollution and smog in the area around Los Angeles — was called in to take a read on the situation. After getting the results, the Irwindale City Council voted unanimously last night to declare the factory a public nuisance.

But, take heart, hot sauce-aficionados! All is not yet lost. The air quality inspectors say that they think a new carbon filtration system should be enough to clear the air. And Huy Fong Foods, the company that makes sriracha, has until June 1st before the public nuisance order kicks into effect.


Image: AP Photo/Nick Ut.

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Ah Sriracha, the PBR of condiments.