Squirrel Girl's Latest Adventure Is A Wonderful Time-Travel Romp

At this point, there should be pretty much no surprise that anything The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl touches turns into instantaneous delight. But a new arc about time travel? Doreen Green let loose on the 60s? Oh yes, we’ll take all of this, please and thank you.

Spoilers ahead for The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2, by Ryan North, Erica Henderson, and Rico Renzi.


As you can see from the image above, Doreen finds herself (mid-sleep) 50 years back in time through mysterious shenanigans. What follows is pretty much a greatest-hits of “stuck back in time” tropes—but with the effortless likeability of Squirrel Girl, and the usual perfection of Ryan North and Erica Henderson as a creative team, it remains an absolute blast. You’ve got the prerequisite costume change to blend in:

Sending messages to the future:


A little potential paradox worries:


And some general Squirrel-Girl branded fun. Unbeatable Squirrel Girl was already a joy of a comic, but getting to see it play with all these tropes of another genre just makes you love it even more. Squirrel Girl can basically do anything, and it will never not be a delight.

Back in the present though, it’s not a delight for Doreen’s best friend Nancy, who is the only person who can remember Doreen since she vanished. Thanks to the message from the past, she quickly clues in about where Doreen actually is though, and is thoroughly unimpressed at the craziness of it all. But while she attempts to discover who’s behind Squirrel Girl’s capture, the answer reveals itself pretty quickly:


Yes. Not only is Unbeatable Squirrel Girl doing time travel, it’s also finally getting around to an appearance for Doctor Doom—Doreen Green’s most infamous opponent. Please, please let him be accosted by an army of squirrels. Nothing would delight me more.

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