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Spy Robot Ready to Invade Your Home

Illustration for article titled Spy Robot Ready to Invade Your Home

In the realm of privacy-ending products, spy cameras leave a lot to be desired. Stationary cameras and nanny cams offer a limited view or a room, and strapping a camera to your Roomba is bound to give you motion sickness. Enter the ROVIO, a mobile home surveillance and telepresence robot. Click through to see this spybot in action.WowWee, who developed the ROVIO, sees the robot as having numerous telepresence applications, including use in home security, in meetings where the telecommuting party needs to observe multiple objects or people up close, and in lab work where a researcher needs to make observations in conditions that would be hazardous to a human being. The robot offers both autonomous and web-based remote navigation, with proximity sensors to keep it from crashing into objects. The True Track system enables the interface to track the ROVIO’s position by sensing reflected beacons beamed at the ceiling, and the built-in camera can be adjusted to view objects at various heights and angles. Sister blog Gizmodo saw the ROVIO in action back in January, but this week the folks at Robot Dreams took it for a extended test spin and were pleased with the robot’s mobility and interface, declaring that it “is positioned to be the hottest robot for the upcoming holiday season.” Their test video below demonstrates the ROVIO’s simple click and drag interface:

The ROVIO is currently available and retails for $299. ROVIO Rolls Out: First Impressions of WowWee's Surprising Robot [Robot Dreams]


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I really want one of these.

I built my own years ago, but it's so big and obsolete by comparison, and sitting in mothballs in my closet.