Spring Season Wraps Up With Submarines, Pestilence, And Transdimensional Tourism

Iron Man 2 promotion hits a Wagnerian pitch this week, as its stars hit late night with a vengeance! Also, it's the last week before your favorite shows begin summer vacation, and there are nature documentaries out the wazoo!

MONDAY 5/3/10

On Chuck (8 PM, NBC, "Chuck Versus the Role Models"), the Turners, a married CIA team with spousal problems, take Chuck and Sarah under their wing.

Late Night: The Iron Man 2 media blitz begins in earnest, Leno has Jon Favreau (11:30, NBC), Letterman has Mickey Rourke (11:35, CBS) and Jimmy Kimmel (Midnight, ABC) gets Leslie Bibb. Advantage: Kimmel.


TUESDAY 5/4/10

On Lost (9 PM, ABC, "The Candidate"), the Jack and Locke roadshow begins, as Sawyer presumably comes to the unfortunate revelation that nobody knows how to steer a submarine.

V is on with "Hearts and Minds" (10 PM, ABC). The V trackers come after Erica and Ryan's gang, and Chad has some words with Father Jack.

On NOVA (8 PM, PBS), there's "Mt. St. Helens Back From the Dead." Biologist Charlie Crisafulli observes the return of flora and fauna to the volcanic aftermath.


Late Night: It's Iron Man 2 musical chairs on the late night circuit - now Kimmel has Mickey Rourke, and Leno has Scarlett Johansson.


On Secrets of the Dead (8 PM, PBS), there's "Japanese SuperSub." Liev Schreiber narrates, and here's the summary:

Spring, 1946. Ten months after the end of World War II, an explosion rocks the Pacific off the coast of Hawaii. America has just destroyed one of Japan's most advanced weapons systems – the I-401 aircraft carrier submarine. The supersub combined the stealth and tactical advantages of sea and sky and was invented to execute air strikes on land from the sea. But why did America sink one of its most prized military captures? Bound by an agreement to share any intelligence with the Soviets but feeling the pressure of the looming Cold War, it was a calculated decision to keep the technology out of Soviet hands. Six decades later, a team of researchers from the University of Hawaii located the submarine's remains. The discovery of the sunken sub sparks a new examination of its forgotten place in military history.


There's a new River Monsters on (Animal Planet, 8 PM, "Piranha.")

On Discovery, there's Weird or What?: "Cocaine Mummies" (8 PM).

Late Night: Samuel L. Jackson on Jimmy Kimmel, Scarlet Johannson is on Craig Ferguson (12:30, CBS), and Robert Downey Jr. finally shows up to the party over on Leno.



FlashForward (8 PM, ABC) is on with "Course Correction" - Demetri and Banks team up to find a killer, and the FBI discovers the true identity of Suspect Zero. Ruh-row, Simon!

On Vampire Diaries (8 PM, CW, "Isobel"), Isobel is back and wants to see Elena, much to Alaric's surprise.

On Fringe (9 PM, FOX, "Northwest Passage"), Walter is in danger of being sent back to St. Claire's, and a guest from the other dimension stops on by.

On Supernatural, (9 PM, CW, "Two Minutes to Midnight"), Crowley wants to trade Death's location for Bobby's soul, and Pestilence attacks Sam and Dean with a apocalypse-ready virus.

Late Night: Leno has Samuel L. Jackson tonight (in case you missed him on Kimmel), and Jimmy Fallon has Sam Rockwell (12:30, NBC).


FRIDAY 5/7/10

Smallville is on with "Hostage" (8 PM, CW). Clark'a mom is dating Perry White, and Chloe and Clark must figure out how to stop Zod's Kandorian army.

On Stargate Universe, (Syfy, 9 PM, "Sabotage"), a drive module explodes on the Destiny, and the crew must recruit a scientist from Earth for repairs.

There's some sweet Wilt Chamberlain action at 11:30 PM with Conan The Destroyer (Encore).


Late Night: Don Cheadle is on Leno to finish off late night's Iron Man 2 week.


On Doctor Who (BBCA, 9 PM, "The Time of Angels"), the Doctor hunts the final Weeping Angels in the Maze of the Dead, and River Song returns, but the Doctor is suspicious of her intentions.

On AMC, it's a Big Blue Saturday night with Superman: The Movie (4:30 PM), Superman II (8 PM), and Superman Returns (10:30 PM).


SUNDAY 5/9/10

Breaking Bad is on at (10 PM, AMC, "I See You"), Jesse works at the lab, while Walt worries about his family.


Two new episodes of River Monsters on Animal Planet tonight: "Alligator Gar" at 8 PM and "Congo Killer" at 10 PM.

On National Geographic Channel, there's Stone Age Atlantis at 8 PM (a 8,000-year-old settlement on northern Europe's Solent Strait is discovered) and at 10 PM there's Witch Hunter's Bible about the Malleus Maleficarum.


Thanks to David Daw for the awesome research.

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