Beach blanket tentacle play! We're celebrating spring break the traditional way, with squid-faced beach beauties and murder! This week on Cult Movie Worship, bow down to The Corrupted, pet a dragon, and watch (what people are calling) "the stop-motion Matrix."

The Corrupted

Written and directed by John Klappstein and Knighten Richman, The Corrupted has all the makings of a messy schlock-fest. A gaggle sexy 20-somethings, a cabin retreat, monsters, blood, mayhem, poor decision making skills, and bikinis! All we really know about this film is what we have from this trailer and concept poster, and we like what we're seeing above!


Via Undead Backbrain.


Barbie never looked so wrong! Plasma is one part stop-motion, one part freak show, and two parts Matrix with a dash of vampire! The synopsis explains it:

Plasma explores a future Earth ruled by biomechanical vampires. Awakened from a thousand years of cryogenic sleep, the last man and woman search for each other across an ocean of blood, and in the ancient ruins of the world they once knew. Along the way, they must face a legion of hell-spawned monsters in a quest to save their love… and the human race.


We just love seeing Barbie all Æon Flux-ed out.

Via Plasma Effect.

Eye Of The Storm

We beg you to watch this short but slightly sad steampunk short (in YouTube HD). Set to the music from Ben Lovett, this creation came from the folks over at Oddball Animation. We're marveling at the simple elegance of it all.


Via Quiet Earth.


This little Israeli flick slipped under our radar at SXSW. Set in a dark alternate reality, Andante tells the story of the last dreaming human on Earth.

In a post-industrial world people are no longer able to dream. A factory run by Mr Terrier sells the frightened, sleepless masses a dreaming experience. Sarah, the single surviving dreamer, sets out to the only place that can provide answers to her strange night-time visions: the dream factory. Her arrival excites Mr Terrier who is searching for a new dreamer. The visions of the old comatose man, whose dreams Mr Terrier taps into, have become repetitive and dull. He must be replaced.


C (299,792 kilometers per second)

Can you make a space movie with zero CG these days? C is attempting to do just that. There will be neither CG and nor green screen in this flick. Watch the film's sales pitch teaser trailer and let us know. Does it even need the computer tricks? C's production blog shows all of the painstaking practical work going into this feature ‚ÄĒ we're standing behind them jumping and clapping in support!

Set in the distant future, c tells the story of First Lieutenant Malleck (Winterson) and her radical attempt to salvage reason during an interplanetary cold war.