Click to viewIf only there was some way to evaluate the goodness or badness of science fiction, according to an objective scale. It would put an end to all fannish arguments, not to mention that whole "varying tastes" thing. Luckily, we've got the very thing, just in time for the weekend. And to increase its value to you, the end-user, we've made it a drinking game as well.

There's an ancient prophecy about the Urn of Apollonia, which must be taken to the Temple of Vanity by Sheila E... or we're all doomed.

Score: Minus 10 points

Drinking game: Take at least three swigs of vodka, gin or Southern Comfort, and then attempt to give yourself a swirlie in the kitchen sink.


The hero is the chosen one, who's more special than anybody else ever.

Score: Minus 100 points.

Drinking game: Attempt to drink your own urine.

Characters share useful information with each other, instead of having wacky misunderstandings designed to move the plot forward. Bonus points if they ask each other smart questions.

Score: Plus 70 points.

Drinking game: Have a beer with a sake chaser.

The hero has a miraculous gadget (which may rhyme with ironic brew diver) allowing him to get out of literally any difficult situation with no hassle.

Score: Minus 10 points.

Drinking game: Make yourself a sonic screwdriver out of orange juice, vodka and ultrasonic vibrations. Drink the whole thing in one go.


The main characters are real people, with believable flaws and non over-the-top personal issues. Which they don't resolve in the course of an hour.

Score: Plus 20 points.

Drinking game: Have a shot of the good whiskey. You know, the 20-year-old single malt stuff.

Someone has a superpower that totally defies the laws of physics. Like shapeshifting, which allows him/her to go from being a tiny human to a buick-sized monster by pulling extra mass out of somewhere.

Score: Minus 5 points.

Drinking game: Pour a shot of tequila into your eyes and pretend you're melting into a shape-shifting puddle of goo, which can change its size and mass.

Aliens are genuinely alien, and don't resemble a race or nationality from Earth.

Score: Plus 20 points.

Drinking game: Mix every alcoholic beverage you've got into a bowl, and stick your head into it.


There's a space god, who wears a tunic or toga and talks all mythic, while warping reality.

Score: Minus 1,000 points.

Drinking game: Make a ceremonial libation to the space god, with some sangria, preferably an entire pitcher's worth. Drink the whole thing, while chanting, "What does God need with a starship?"

Events have real consequences, that aren't undone via "reset button" or silly trickery. Bonus points if characters get mortally injured and don't run around for 20 minutes afterwards.

Score: Plus 10 points.

Drinking game: Pour everclear on your hands and light them on fire.


Techno-babble and crazy jargon that makes no sense. Or, if you're reading a book, a description of how a spaceship works that goes on for more than two printed pages.

Score: Minus 5 points.

Drinking game: Hook your blender up to your microwave, using a multiphasic ion-shielding photon decoder. Make a daiquiri, and nuke it in the microwave. If there's anything left, drink it.

Can you suggest any more entries to make this the perfect get-drunk system, erm we mean evaluation tool?