Spot the hidden probe droid in this exclusive new Star Wars poster

A single probe droid scours the icy landscape of Hoth, in this new Star Wars poster which we're bringing to you exclusively, a day before it goes on sale. The last three posters sold out within an hour.

This poster, "Hoth," by artist Dan McCarthy, is a limited edition Star Wars print. It's the fourth in a series released by Mondo, the collectible art boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. It'll go on sale tomorrow from, and the best way to get the heads up when it starts selling is probably to follow @MondoNews on Twitter.

Update: The poster went up on sale and sold out in just 12 minutes.

(Oh, and as always, you can download high-res images by right-clicking "full size" and selecting "save link target as."


We're going to avoid any tacky "get it while it's Hoth" puns here, but the other three posters in the series sold out in 25 minutes, 30 minutes and an hour respectively. Here's your exclusive first look at "Hoth," plus the previous three posters in the series.

"Hoth" by Dan McCarthy. It's 12" by 36" and a limited edition of 475, which are hand-numbered.


"Father - Encounter on Dagobah" by Tomer Hanuka. This edition of 350 sold out in 30 minutes. Says the artist, "The central idea going into this image was depicting planet Dagobah itself as a portrait of Luke's subconscious in it's most interesting and unformed phase. In a nightmarish sequence, Luke runs into the mist where he thinks he saw Vader. Luke finds him and a lightsaber duel ends with Vader's decapitation . The mask cracks open on the severed head, exposing the frozen face of a dead Luke Skywalker. The suggestion here is that somewhere within Luke's psyche there is a potential for ultimate evil. Luke's greatest challenge isn't the Galactic Empire and it's endless, faceless troopers, but the magnetism of the dark side; the seductive idea of choosing his own potential for power over everything else."


"Raider" by Dave Kinsey. This was a limited edition of 350 prints, sized 24" by 36", and it sold out in 25 minutes.


"Scrap Yard Power Droid" by Jeff Soto. This is my personal favorite. It was an edition of 350 prints, sized 24" by 36", and it sold out within an hour. Says Soto, "Star Wars was a pretty big deal for me as a kid. I was only 2 when the movie came out, and I can't even remember if I saw it or not in the theater. The characters and story were known to many of us mainly from the toys! The toys! Oh they were wonderful, and we played with them for hours (and wore out the BEST and Sears catalogue)! One of my favorite action figures was the Power Droid, and I didn't really know much about the little guy, but for some reason he (I pictured it being male for some reason) captivated my imagination. I realized at some time that he's barely even in the movie, which added to his mystique. Over the years he functioned as the worn out, floppy-legged power supply for numerous Transformers, GI Joe's and Construx. He is small and cute, and found a place in my childhood heart. I still have the little guy. This piece is an ode to the Power Droid!"

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