Spooky Web Series Ghost Radio Wishes Everyone a Very Stephen King-Inspired Christmas

Illustration for article titled Spooky Web Series iGhost Radio/i Wishes Everyone a Very Stephen King-Inspired Christmas

It’s Christmas in the eerie town of Kirlian—well, sort of. With doomsday on the horizon thanks to an incoming comet, everyone’s favorite late-night radio DJ has decided to celebrate a little out of season... but his listeners, beset by the usual supernatural horrors, are having none of it.


Filmmaker Cristian Ponce tells io9 that this episode of Ghost Radio is “a Christmas special loaded with references to the first works of Stephen King”—and indeed, fans will have no trouble spotting the shout-outs to Carrie, Children of the Corn, Salems Lot, The Dead Zone, and other works. (The episode title, of course, translates to “The King of Christmas.”) Ponce says he hopes to be back with more Ghost Radio around June 2018.

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Ironically, Stephen King didn’t write many Christmas-themed horror stories. The only one I can remember is “The Breathing Method” from Different Seasons (which is subtitled “A Winter’s Tale”).