Spooky photographs of San Francisco's real-life Pet Cemetery

Photographer Troy Paiva photographed San Francisco's Presidio Pet Cemetery during construction on the Presidio Parkway, which meant the tiny graveyard was covered by a dark temporary roof. Paiva used the unnatural surroundings, lighting tricks, and the San Francisco fog to cast an extra-gloomy pall on this final resting place.

Pet owners began interring their furry dearly departed in the Presidio Pet Cemetery in the 1950s, and it was closed to further burials in 1963 (although that hasn't stopped everyone). What's particularly fun about Paiva's series that sometimes he simply frames the markers and the setting to achieve a spooky effect; in other photos, he highlights the prop-like quality of the markers to give them a more funhouse or B-movie feel.


These are just a few of the photos; see the rest of the series at Paiva's website.

Presidio Pet Cemetery [Lost America via Laughing Squid]


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