Spooky Animated Web Series Ghost Radio Is Back for a Second Season

Your favorite late-night DJ is back to share more haunting tales from his listeners.
Image: Vimeo

Frequent readers of io9 may recall that periodically throughout 2017, we’d share new episodes of web series Ghost Radio, created by Argentinian filmmaker Cristian Ponce. Now, the animated show—about a late-night radio host reporting strange events from the haunted town of Kirlian—is back.

Ponce describes “The Old Man and the Dog,” the premiere episode of Ghost Radio season two (the fifth installment overall) as “Twilight Zone-y.” A man strolling through his old neighborhood has reason to visit a house he always feared as a child—and ends up befriending the dog-obsessed, lonely old man who lives there. Sort of.


There’s a few issues with the subtitles on this one, but you still shouldn’t have any trouble following along. We’ll post the next episode as soon as we get it from Ponce—hopefully in time for Halloween!

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