Spoof Of Sofia Coppola's Little Mermaid Is Spot-On, And That's Scary

Illustration for article titled Spoof Of Sofia Coppolas emLittle Mermaid/em Is Spot-On, And Thats Scary

Funny or Die has made their version of Sofia Coppola's Little Mermaid movie, which is very much a thing that is happening. And this spoof is so good we're worried.


It's no secret that we're super split about Sofia Coppola making a Little Mermaid movie. On one hand, we're excited that Hollywood is finally ready to tackle the much more complicated and bleak original storyline for this character. But then again, we also have our worries. And Funny or Die has perfectly summed them up in one Coppola-Mermaid spoof.


Channeling Somewhere (hard), Lost In Translation and The Bling Ring (a little) this joke is actually our worst nightmare. And yet, we'd still pay to see it. We know it's going look and sound gorgeous, so fingers crossed for the rest of the film. You're holding the world's princess in your hands Sofia!

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Needs more awkward pauses and slow down the pacing. Compared to an actual Sofia movie, this spoof is a racecar But all in all, worth seeing Peters in a Burger King crown as Prince Eric.