Spoilers For Battlestar Season Four: Starbuck's Wild Jail Break

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Is Starbuck a Cylon? More importantly, will she really handcuff Lee Adama to the bed while they, um, process their on-again, off-again relationship? The Starbuck/Apollo Shippers Anonymous group has Battlestar Galactica spoilers.


The SASA list is a mish-mash of semi-reputable sources, cast interviews, and wild rumors. But it sounds as though many people will (naturally) suspect Starbuck of being a Cylon when she returns miraculously. To which Starbuck (or Katee Sackhoff?) says, "I'm not a cylon, bitch!" Starbuck will wind up in a cell and may hold President Roslin at gunpoint to try and get out. There are also suggestions that our heroes will find Earth early in the season — but it won't be our Earth. Oh, and supposedly the name of the thirteenth colony in the scriptures? Is Cylon.

S4 Spoiler and Spec Thread! [SASA]

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