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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Spoilers may ruin New Moon and get Cameron Diaz banned from Twitter, but they're life-enriching. Captain America's movie isn't what you think, and neither is Cowboys And Aliens. More mysterious Lost set pics! Plus Inception and John Carter Of Mars.


Captain America:

Marvel's Joe Quesada says he's seen a couple outlines and an initial screenplay, and (not surprisingly) he liked them. He also said, "It's very unexpected, the kind of movie it is." (Meaning, it's not a war movie with superhero overtones, wrapped in a mad-science plot device?) And he says this movie sets up the Avengers movie "in a fantastic way." And there's a wish list of actors to play the star-spangled Steve Rogers. [Comic Book Resources]



Talulah Riley, who plays the character referred to as "Blonde" in the cast list, says she takes part in some of the weird altered-physics scenes you glimpsed in the trailer, where people are going sideways and upside-down. "I get tilted." She says she gets scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and Ken Watanabe. [Sci Fi Wire]

And here's a set pic showing DiCaprio and Ellen Page during filming in Paris, looking utterly ordinary. More at the link. [SplashNews via Cinemablend]

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Cowboys And Aliens:

Co-writer Roberto Orci describes a key concern in adapting this graphic novel to the big screen:

How do you make it so it's not too funny? You hear the title Cowboys & Aliens and think, what is it? Is it Wild, Wild West? The exact same structure and story can kill you if you have the wrong tone. That's the hard part." As Kurtzman noted, "It's not a comedy. What we came to is imagine you're watching Unforgiven and then the aliens from Alien land.


[IGN via ComicBookResources]

John Carter Of Mars:

Willem Dafoe, who plays the many-limbed Tars Tarkas, says "I know there's a period where we're going to work with movement and language." (No clue what that means.) And he say the film is political, the same way Tarzan isn't just about loincloths. [MTV]


The Fourth Kind:

How many kinds of intriguing are these new stills? Four, possibly? [IGN]


No news is good news for Sawyer, who isn't facing any terrible maladies or other mishaps in the final season, as far as semi-informed sources know. [E! Online]


There are a ton of set reports. The show is building yet another new set — an old-looking struture at the top of the Lighthouse trail — and it may actually be the base of a lighthouse, or some other island station. Part of the building may be added later using CG.

Meanwhile, those photos we showed you the other day, of Matthew Fox in front of a building with concert banners hanging down? Apparently that building is being turned into Central Intermediate School. And Jack had scenes with a new character, Dogen (Hiroyuki Sanada) who is one of the the show's "new Others." (And good to see the show continues its tradition of naming characters after famous thinkers.) So it's interesting that one of these Others is off the island. Also, Jack and Hurley had some beach scenes with Jacob.


And finally, Fox also filmed some scenes at the Institute of Astronomy, reportedly involving Jack's estranged mother. More pics at the link. [Hawaii Weblog]

Co-creator Damon Lindelof was interviewed on a local radio station, and a caller expressed a concern that Juliet and Kate aren't kicking as much ass as they used to. Lindelof replied that if you like the badass versions of Kate and Juliet, you'll really love the show's final season. Man, here's hoping. [Lyly Ford]


Sarah Jane Adventures:

A nice new pic from the upcoming David Tennant appearance. If you don't give a quiet "W00t" when you see this pic, there is no hope for you. [David Tennant News via Doctor Who on LJ]



Another new promo, focusing on Father Jack.



Anna will definitely be back. Soon, we hope. [E! Online]


Dominic Monaghan says episode six (airing next week) is his big episode. And his character, Simon, gets pretty messed up. Also, you'll be shocked and amazed to hear the show will keep going deeper into the rabbit hole, and spinning out more mysteries, as the season goes on, and then things will start coming together again by season's end. [E! Online]


Here's a sneak peek from this week's episode, "Gimme Some Truth" []


Do you care? If you do, apparently the guy who dies is the one person many people think could never bite the dust. (So, probably not Nathan or Hiro. My money's on Sylar or Matt.) [E! Online]


Additional reporting by Alexis Brown.

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