Spoiler Free Review Of Stargate Atlantis' Series Finale

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The end is nigh for Stargate Atlantis — this Friday marks the series finale. We've screened the last SGA episode ever, and want to share some (virtually) spoiler-free details with you.


The episode picks up right where last weeks alternate-reality CSI episode ended. And let me say, "Vegas" was a fun little forensic, cop show mystery. It was almost sad how much I enjoyed this crazy deviation from the regular SGA series, because I knew there would never be another. But bravo, Joe Flanigan, for a fun time as a lone-wolf detective in the hot Nevada desert.

But in the season finale, the crew's worst nightmares have come true and the evil frog-skinned Wraith have found a way to the Milky Way Galaxy. Which means a fate worse than death for the Earth.

So what does the SGA crew do? Call on some old friends! As it's been widely reported, Amanda Tapping pops in as Colonel Samantha Carter, giving a much-needed heartfelt shout out to long-gone cast members, and bringing a few old SG1-ers aboard. And just for a mere instant, we're reminded of the SG1 beginnings of some of our beloved SGA crew.

Richard Woolsey passes out warm fuzzy feelings amongst the crew, solidifying his place among the cast, and his personal growth as a character. We will so miss Robert Picardo's adorable mug each week.

The crew has to scramble to protect the Earth, and a great battle ensues — in the sky, on land and in a Wraith ship. Limits are tested, Sheppard is forced to do everything himself again for a while, and sciencey jargon is heaped on top of sciencey jargon.

At the climax you'll raise your hands and say no — how can it be? Will this be the final episode for some of our dear SGA crew members? Possibly, but then again, it is Stargate. Overall, it's a nice long hug with good dose of drama to send you off into the good night, remembering why it is you came to love each character. (Oh, and Teyla only has a few lines, so good all around).




I'll miss Star Gate Atlantis very much. Warmed up to the show more and more as time wore on. Never understood why SciFi channel would pull the plug on the show as its hitting its stride

were the show's ratings really that bad?