Spoiler Freakout For Iron Man 2, V, Flash Forward And Smallville!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoilers include stars explaining what to expect in Battlestar Galactica: The Plan and Caprica. Plus hints from Terminator Salvation, Iron Man 2 and Transformers 2. And deadly spoilers for Flash Forward, V and Smallville.

Terminator Salvation:

Sam Worthington (Marcus Wright) says he wanted to show a cyborg who felt pain, not just physically but also emotionally. And there was a scene in the script where he teaches Kyle Reese about rope and they bond over lame gags, and he thought it was crap, so he and Anton Yelchin reworked it. (But it's not clear which version of the scene made it into the final movie.) [Comic Book Resources]


Iron Man 2:

It's the Batman crossover you've been waiting for! At least, the new movie is casting a seasoned, experienced French detective, aged 40 to 60, who's upscale and sophisticated. Who could it be but Henri Ducard? [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Glenn Morshower played Col. Sharp, who died in the first movie. But Michael Bay wanted him to come back, so they wrote him in as a new character named — wait for it — General Morshower. [IGN]


Battlestar Galactica: The Plan:

Grace Park drops a few hints for this TV movie, which show's the series' events from the Cylon point of view. Apparently there will be a lot of scenes we've already seen, but we'll see them anew:

What we did was we took scenes that we already shot, that you're going to recognize, and then either add another angle, or add some dialogue. So if someone whispered something in someone's ear, which you never heard, we're actually adding that dialogue. So it's going to inform things on so many different levels. So it's tricky.


And it sounds like the movie only covers events in seasons one and two. We're going to see Boomer's beginnings, when she was still innocent and her heart was an open book. And we'll see a specific prop that's the mechanism to allow her to go into and out of sleeper-agent mode. [Sci Fi Wire]


Alessandra Torressani, who plays Zoe, says there will be a lot of flashback scenes of Zoe in the new episodes, but she'll also be "miming" as the cylon version of Zoe. (Sort of like motion capture? Hard to say.) So she'll be the "real" Zoe in flashbacks, the "Avatar" Zoe in the virtual world, and then the Cylon Zoe. And there will be multiple Zoes in the virtual nightclub, maybe including one with pink hair. [Sci Fi Wire]



Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell and Alan "Alpha" Tudyk play Homeland Security agents investigating a terrorist sleeper cell in New York. Morris Chestnut is a businessman whose shady past plays into the aliens' arrival. Joel Gertsch is a priest who struggles with his faith in the wake of an alien encounter, and then he's thrust into a conspiracy when a dying man comes into his church and gives him info on the aliens. And Morena Baccarin is the leader of the aliens. The whole thing is played very seriously and shot in a very J.J. Abrams style. [AICN]


Flash Forward:

After everybody blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds, and sees a glimpse of six months into the future, the pilot script includes a devastating scene showing the effects of this blackout on the L.A. freeway. Our FBI-agent heroes use the Internet to collect people's stories of what they saw during the event. But there's a bit of a cheat: one FBI agent, during the "flash forward," saw himself looking at an investigation board showing the leads that had panned out over the next six months. So he already knows what avenues of investigation to follow. And as you might have heard, John Cho's FBI agent character just sees blackness during the flash forward. The show struggles with the question of whether the future is set in stone, or malleable. [Airlock Alpha]



Chloe has the most traumatic end to a traumatic season, says producer Kelly Souders. "That character has really been put through the ringer this season and been torn and conflicted, and unfortunately those issues are not going to go away in the finale." Jimmy, meanwhile, shows off his heroic side in the finale. Oh, and more hints that a familiar face from the show's past is likely to return, and also show up during season nine. Maybe cousin Kara? In any case, Clark's decisions push him in a new direction, that will propel the show's umpteenth season. [TV Guide Magazine]


In tonight's season finale, Clark finally has to make decision whether to "shit or get off the pot." Or maybe he fakes everybody out and does both. [IGN]

Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.


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"John Cho's FBI agent character just sees blackness during the flash forward." hmm. I guess that means he won't be around in 6 months, probably will dead.