The Governor tells us why The Walking Dead is deadlier than ever

What is this weird new "threat" everyone is talking about dealing with in the fourth season of Walking Dead? We asked the Governor (David Morrissey), and what he told us made us very scared indeed.

On the red carpet of the Walking Dead Hyundai party, we nabbed actor David Morrissey and got to chatting about the Governor. He revealed a few hints for the new season, and a really great story about who decided which eye his character was supposed to lose.

David Morrissey: There's a whole new threat in this season that we have to deal with which you get to know about. The Governor's out there on the road, dealing with a lot of the darkness that's inside of him. At the end of season you saw this switch going off in his head. And it's about him trying to control that switch and find out what it is about himself. He learns a lot about himself in season three. And in season four it's about which guy is going to win, the good guy or the bad guy that's inside him. It's that internal battle.


How would you describe the overall arc of season four, where are we headed?

Well we don't know where we're heading. We get the scripts on a weekly basis. So we don't know where we're going. This new threat is the thing that overall is the thing for us. The zombies are the same threat that thy've always been but with this added extra that makes the world a very, very dangerous place. And people start to sort of react in different ways.

You say "threat," not "person" or "character." Why is that?

It's not a threat you're going to be able to kill very easily. So it's something that happens within the world. Another thing. And that is very dangerous. It's very dangerous and I think when you see it you'll… there's a lot of identity with it, for us in our world. You'll get it when you see it. Each person reacts to it very differently.


Almost everything your character loves is now dead, where do you go from here?

It's about whether he can find anything else to love, or whether that lack of love — the lack of anything to live for — makes him an even more dangerous man. When you start caring in this world, it's a very dangerous thing, because you've got something to lose. He's a man without anything to lose, [and] that's a very dangerous thing. So it's about that really and whether he can find that in this world, and whether he wants it. He's in a very, very dark place.


Does the Governor have any friends now?

It's a weird question, because it's about whether it's a world you want friends in. Do you want to lose things, do you want to fall in love, do you have companionship? These are very dangerous things. The question is do you ever want to be friends with the Governor? Is he a man who you sort of want to latch on to? There's the questions. And you'll find that in season four.


How did they decide which eye you were going to lose?

I didn't have any say in that, actually. I got to work and they just stuck it in. I was like "Oh, I guess it's that one then."


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