Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

Today's spoiler frenzy includes some new Star Trek reviews and a spiky Transformers pic. Plus a report on actual finished Wolverine footage. Plus Doctor Who, Lost, Sarah Connor, Fringe, Warehouse 13 and Heroes. Spoiler mania!

Star Trek:

It really is true that Leonard Nimoy's role in this film is bigger than just a cameo. He's not like Brando in Superman either, he plays an active part in the storyline, according to Roberto Orci. [E! Online]


Meanwhile, a guy who saw the movie basically posted a synopsis on a forum. In a nutshell, the USS Kelvin is zooming along, around the time Kirk is born, and then Nero's ship appears from a singularity and blasts it. Kirk's dad takes command and saves the escaping crew, including his unborn son. Then Kirk's a young adult who gets in a fight in a bar. Pike tells him to join Starfleet, so he does. Three years later, Old Spock appears out of another singularity, and the Narada picks him up. Kirk is graduating, and cheats on the Kobayashi Maru. Suddenly, Vulcan is under attack.

A fleet assembles to defend Vulcan, and they all get wiped out, except for the USS Enterprise. Pike gets captured, Spock takes command, and the Enterprise flies at low warp. Nero's black hole weapon destroys Vulcan. Kirk is upset and wants to fight Nero, so he gets into a brawl with Spock. So Spock ditches him on a Vulcan moon. There, Kirk meets Old Spock, along with Scotty, and Old Spock tells him the future. They beam back aboard the Enterprise, and Kirk forces Young Spock out of command.

So Kirk rushes to confront Nero, who is trying to destroy Earth with his black hole weapon. Young Spock disables the weapon while Kirk fights Nero. Spock is on a collision course and about to be killed... but the Enterprise saves him at the last moment. Everyone cheers and the Enterprise goes to warp, as we hear the familiar "Space, the final frontier" bit. The end. Oh, and the guy felt it was too fast-paced and didn't have enough space battles, but he also admits he nitpicks every movie he sees. [Scifi Meshes]


Everybody gets a bit of a backstory in the new film: Bones is a fast friend of Kirk's who gets panicked when he comes on board the Enterprise. Uhura is a steadfast cadet. Spock chooses to serve in Starfleet after the Vulcan elders ridicule his human mother. Scotty is a genius who gets marooned on that Vulcan moon after he slights a superior officer. [News In Film]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Here's a pretty nice promo pic of Ravage in action. [SpoilerTV-Movies]


X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

IGN got to see 20 minutes of finished footage from the X-Men prequel (as opposed to the leaked, unfinished version.) There's a scene in the beginning where Young Logan is sick. Victor's dad, a mean drunk, shows up to beat on Logan's dad. A shot is heard, and Logan's dad lies dead on the floor. Logan's bone claws come out for the first time, and he stabs Victor's dad in the gut. Then Logan and Victor run away into the forest, where they decide to stick together no matter what. This leads into a war montage, followed by the two mutants facing a firing squad. Until Stryker offers them an alternative.

Then there's a sequence where the crack mutant squad goes through city slums to a fortified compound. Agent Zero takes out all the armed guards, and the Blob stops a tank by putting his arm into its cannon barrel. In the elevator going up to the bad guy's office, Deadpool jokes about the green light bringing out Stryker's eyes. And then Deadpool kills everyone except the bad guy, with a display of sword-fu.


Then there's a romantic cabin scene, where Silver Fox tells Wolverine a myth about "the spirit world, love and loss." (Wolverine gets his name from this scene.)

Then we see Wolverine getting his adamantium, as Stryker encourages him to "embrace the other side." Wolverine dies during the process, and Stryker waits anxiously for him to come back. "Come on, old friend," he whispers. Then Logan goes ballistic, jumping out of his tank and tearing the place apart. A bullet to his head reveals his new adamantium skull. He slices an "X" in the door, escapes, and jumps naked into a waterfall.

Then there's an old couple who bring Wolverine sandwiches and a nice jacket. Suddenly, tragedy strikes, meaning Wolverine has to do some totally awesome motorcycle stunts with a helicopter. [IGN]


Doctor Who:

The official BBC website posted a smidgen of script from Saturday's episode:

CHRISTINA: Then we need to apply ourselves to the problem with discipline! Which starts with appointing a leader.

THE DOCTOR: Yes, at last, thank you, so...

CHRISTINA: Well, thank goodness you've got me!
(calls out)
Everyone! Do exactly as I say! Inside the bus immediately!


[Planet Gallifrey]

And apparently November's special episode will be called "The Waters Of Mars." [Den Of Geek]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

The show's official blog spilled some deets about tomorrow night's episode. There are not one, but two cyborg-on-cyborg smackdowns. Mr. Murch is back, with some fun interaction with John Henry. Also, there's a special guest star, the West Wing's Josh Malina, who holds his own against Sarah Connor. Some other old favorites that we haven't seen in a while are back. There's a "shocking connection" to Kaliba, the company that was running that Hunter-Killer factory. And we see a new side to Cameron. And these words are uttered: "Something opposes God. Something tempts man into sin." [Fox]



Here's how they're describing next week's episode to the British viewers:

After young Ben is reported missing from the infirmary, suspicion mounts among the Dharma Initiative that there are traitors in their midst and Sawyer's lies about the castaways look set to come undone.

Meanwhile, Miles is asked to deliver a package to a senior Dharma operative as flashbacks reveal how he came to be part of Widmore's operation to retrieve Ben from the island. But what is his connection to one of the most important figures in the Dharma Initiative?


What could it be? I can't guess. [SpoilersLost]


William Bell and Walter Bishop were like brothers, going through their Ivy League education together. And then life took them in different directions, either complimentary or not. And they have different approaches to the Pattern, and different ideas of what the Pattern is. The Pattern is somewhat in the eye of the beholder, and what you think it is can become the reality. And Roberto Orci hints that one of these men sees the Pattern as saving the world, the other sees the Pattern destroying it. [E! Online]


Warehouse 13:

We've got our first hint at an antagonist for this Syfy summer series about two Secret Service agents who get assigned to work at a warehouse where every mystical or other-worldly item gets stored. Alison Scagliotti (the "smart and sassy girlfriend" from the Nickelodeon show Josh & Drake) will play

Claudia Donovan, a young, hip, brilliant techno-wiz, who manages to successfully breach the Warehouse's complex security system in order to track down [the caretaker] Artie (Rubinek). With a natural aptitude for science and technology, Donovan's talents enable her to manipulate and activate many of the objects contained in the Warehouse to help the Team.


The reference to "helping the Team" makes me think she'll wind up joining our heroes. [The Futon Critic]


All ten original Heroes from season three will be back for the finale, says actor James Kyson Lee. Ando and Hiro are determined to take down the people behind Building 26, and they're going to combine their powers to do that. And we'll get a glimpse at volume five, tentatively called "Redemption." [E! Online]


And here are some pics from episode 3x24, "I Am Sylar". [The ODI]





And here's a sneak peek from Monday's new episode, "1961":



Tyler Labine talks: