J.J. Abrams' muse Leonard Nimoy may possibly โ€” hopefully โ€” have a role in the next Mission Impossible. At least, that's what Abrams hinted yesterday.

What if Nimoy came back in Abrams next project as his original Mission: Impossible character, Paris? How open is the director to casting Nimoy in his next film? Well, he definitely lit up at the idea.


"How cool would that be?" J.J. gushed.

Great timing, says Abrams, because he, "just got a call that Peter Graves is in great shape" as well.
Ignoring obvious continuity problems featuring Graves as his original character, "which would be a very strange bend in the space-time continuum, for obvious reasons," it would be great to have the original Mr. Phelps.

Seems a mini-reunion is definitely on the table.

We can only hope that Abrams' affinity for using Nimoy in everything these days extends to future projects. Especially if Nimoy doesn't believe he's necessary for the next Star Trek, saying "They have a wonderful new cast in place ... I don't see why they would need me in this next film. But if they called me, I would be happy to have a conversation about it."


Someone call him. Then stick Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman in a room quick.