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If you've been having Middleman withdrawal, now that it's the middle of the week, we've got the perfect antidote. Satirists Will Jacobs and Gerard Jones have been uploading chapters of their superhero satire My Pal, Splendidman to their blog every other Sunday, and two chapters are up now. It's the funniest superhero satire I've read in ages.


Splendidman is a superhero who hails from another world, packing a whole host of superpowers including Splendid Vision and Splendid Recall. He's always off saving the world, but he makes time for his pal Will Jones, who summons him using the SOS Comb. They soar off into outer space together, or zip back through the time barrier to visit the great library at Alexandria — where it turns out the lost works of Sophocles and other masters of antiquity were utter dreck.

Jacobs and Jones wrote for National Lampoon and launched a brilliantly silly comic book, The Trouble With Girls, in the early 80s. They also wrote one of my favorite books of satire, The Beaver Papers. Jones also wrote some of my favorite comics in the late 80s and early 90s, including Green Lantern: Mosaic and Elongated Man: Europe 92.[My Pal, Splendidman]

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