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There's been much speculation about the fate of Steven Spielberg's time-traveling dinosaur TV series, ever since it pulled out of Comic Con. And the latest bit of news has us guessing that Terra Nova is getting a pretty big make-over.


Deadline is reporting that Stephen Lang is in talks to play a major role in the Terra Nova series, but that's not all.

Lang's potential new character is called Frank Taylor — and according to Deadline he's a "charismatic and ruthless leader" type. And that's all we know about him, thus far.


While Lang is possibly on the way in, executive producer David Fury (Buffy, Lost) is on his way out, thanks to "creative differences." Showrunner Brannon Braga will take over Fury's position. Which means Braga will not only be writing the series, but producing it as well.

Hopefully these big changes mean good things for the series, because as of right now this show seems to be having a lot of growing pains.

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