Spielberg Puts Indiana's Hat Back In Shia's Hands

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Are you ready to hear the Indiana Jones theme song one more time? Indy's co-star from the Crystal Skulls says Spielberg is gearing up for another Indy — which explains why they changed Crystal Skull's original ending. We explain below.


Talking to the BBC, Shia LaBeouf drops some big news about the next Indiana Jones outing:

"Steven [Spielberg] just said that he cracked the story on it before I left and I think they're gearing that up."


Funny he should mention that, because we sure as heck couldn't get it out of Indiana Jones Producer Frank Marshall, when we spoke with him last. But he did share this gem: one draft of the Crystal Skull script actually called for Shia to put on Indy's infamous fedora, signalling that Indy was passing the baton to his son Mutt. But Spielberg changed this ending, so that Indy kept his own hat. Which means Indy still has at least one more adventure in him — but it also means we're not done with his son, either.

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I didn't really have a problem with Shia. The problem was/is Lucas. He's lost whatever storytelling ability he had, and needs to back off this one if we're to even hope for a better one than Crystal Skull. Lucas was the hold up for 20 years, shot down several (reportedly) awesome scripts, and the whole crystal skull macuffin/fiasco was his insistence.

No wine before it's time? No Indy with Lucas, I say.