Spielberg Considers New Robot Overlords

Color us a lot more excited about the "robot World War Z" movie, as Robopocalypse has not only picked up Cloverfield, Buffy and Lost screenwriter Drew Goddard to script, but may be about to lure Steven Spielberg as director.


Goddard is apparently already hard at work on the screenplay, based upon Daniel H Wilson's unfinished novel about a "realistic" robot uprising and war against humanity, and now rumors are flying around that Spielberg may choose Robopocalypse as his next project. Deadline Hollywood suggests the possibility of the movie being Spielberg's first under the new Dreamworks/Showtime deal, pointing out that it'd mark a trend; the first movie to be produced from that deal is another robot movie, Hugh Jackman's robot boxer pic Real Steel.

When Will It Be Showtime For Spielberg? [Deadline: Hollywood] (Via)

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