Spidey Swings Into New York's Literati

Never ones to miss a chance for good publicity, Marvel Comics have removed their handlers from Spider-Man and allowed him to speak openly about his love affair with New York City for Time Out's 40th anniversary celebration of the city that never sleeps. Don't worry; that whole being fictional thing doesn't slow him down at all.Answering the magazine's questionnaire with a mix of traditional Spider-wit and inside jokes (For example, the webslinger's favorite New Yorkers are anyone "who doesn't publish incredibly slanted editorials in their newspaper about what a menace I am," and his suggestion on how to improve the city is "to curb our dependence on incredibly dangerous science experiments taking place right in the middle of the city near raving crackpots who hate me."), it has to be said; Spidey's a much more entertaining interviewee than some of the other New Yorkers the magazine speaks to this week (Even comic virgins at Entertainment Weekly were impressed). There's no word on who wrote Spider-Man's dialogue for the interview, but we detect the hands of Steve Wacker - current editor of Amazing Spider-Man and no slouch when it comes to snarky interview answers himself - in there. Personally, we're waiting for Time Out Metropolis' anniversary edition. We hear that they've got Lois Lane talking to the Man of Steel about his favorite donut shops. Spider-Man, as himself [Time Out New York]


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