Spidey gets sassy in the special New Year's Eve trailer

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In case you had other things to do than watch for new Amazing Spider-Man 2 footage on New Year's Eve, here it is. And's all about the Spider-Man/Electro Times Square Showdown. Which, given the holiday and the venue, makes sense.


Where the previous trailer showcased a bunch of plots and characters, the footage shown on New Year's Eve focused on a single tangle between Spider-Man and Electro (with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance from what looks like the Rhino). There's very little dialogue, but what there is features Spider-Man calling Electro "Sparkles" and joking with the cop he's just saved. Looks like the snarky Spidey from the first Amazing Spider-Man has been preserved.

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Wow! Stan looks great for ninety-one. I hope I'm that energetic and enthusiastic at that age!