The success of Iron Man has opened the floodgates of bad superhero movies even wider. Global Entertainment Acquisition Corporation has bought the filming rites to the screenplay Spiderella. Not to be confused with the DJ for Salt N' Pepa, Spinderella, Spiderella is about a 'headstrong' girl whose DNA is mutated by a group of scientist thugs. She loses her memory and is later found by the famous writer Hunter S. Thompson...okay, why not? More details after the jump.

The new film company Global is run by Maurice Smith who has produced many J-list movies including (Screwballs and Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders). The company hopes to continue on making more low-budget scifi films, including superhero movies, since they're now in such high demand. We can all look forward to film greats such as, Alien Prey (about unlocking a secret beast in the Canadian wilderness that has been there for years...or a remake of Alien Versus Predator set in Canada). [Market Wire and Global]