Spider-Man's Homecoming Outfit Looks Really Cool When It's Falling Apart

Spidey in his Stark Suit.
Image: Marvel Studios

Spider-Man’s costume, over time, has had one constant: it’s going to fall apart. No hero wears tattered fabric like Spidey does. So when concepting any outfit for Peter Parker in a film like Spider-Man: Homecoming or Far From Home, the question immediately has to become: but what is it going to look like after it’s been torn to shreds?

With this concept art, designed by Ryan Meinerding, Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development, the answer is: pretty frickin’ cool. This art, posted recently, shows Spider-Man after a dangerous, intense battle of some sort or another, with half his mask torn off and fabric ripped off all over the suit.


The Stark Suit Peter wears in the MCU is interesting because it looks like the standard fabric tights, but it’s not. It’s, in fact, a semi-robotic thing designed by Tony for Peter’s use, and the art shows it. Torn fabric reveals the circuitry underneath, giving this battle-ravaged Spidey a different sort of flavor. He’s lost not just the fight, but the tech that helps protect and serve him. Of course, the whole point of Homecoming is that he doesn’t need that tech. But it sure looks traumatic—and cool—to lose it in the heat of battle. 

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