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Spider-Man Terrorizes Chattanooga!

Illustration for article titled Spider-Man Terrorizes Chattanooga!

Here's the first glimpse of the Spider-Man Robber, who's been robbing Chattanooga convenience stores (10 so far) over the past week or so. He wears a Spider-Man mask over prescription glasses or some type of industrial goggles, and carries a gun. You can watch some security camera footage of him here. To get to the bottom of the situtation, one Chattanooga TV station interviewed the town's biggest Spider-Man fan.


Says Stephen Pratt:

He's strong. He can jump really high. He's got really good agility, kind of like a spider or something like that you know. He's really smart.


It's not really clear from the context whether Pratt is talking about Peter Parker, or the guy who's robbed the same La Quinta hotel twice, plus a Kangaroo Express, a Motel Six and a Conoco. But Pratt does go on to say, of the bandit: "Any real Spider-Man fan wouldn't go out and do that." The article concludes that the Spider-Man bandit is "weaving his own web of capture" with every daring late-night raid. [WDEF Channel 12 news]

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Annalee Newitz

This fills me with glee.