Spider-Man Picks Up Star Wars Fandom Creation

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Try as hard as I might, I just can't avoid wanting to say "The Force is strong with Red5 Comics." The upstart comic publisher - less than a year old, and formed from connections made in Star Wars fandom - has just had their first taste of stardom with the news that Tobey Maguire's production company has plans to make a movie out of Afterburn, their post-apocalyptic treasure hunter book.

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The publisher, formed by co-founder of TheForce.net Scott Chitwood and former director of Lucasfilm's StarWars.com, Paul Ens, have the perfect one line pitch for Afterburn (written by Ens and Chitwood): Indiana Jones meets Mad Max. Chitwood explains the premise like this:

In this story, half the Earth is hit by a superflare from the sun. All of Europe, Asia, Africa, India, and Australia are essentially microwaved. People out in the open were killed while the survivors were mutated by the radiation. However, all their treasures remain intact. Our anti-hero, Jake, is a treasure hunter that raids this post-apocalyptic wasteland for profit. It's a pulp adventure filled with big action scenes, unique international settings, and a lot of fun.


With a description like that, the most surprising thing is that it's taken almost two months since the first issue was released for this thing to be optioned as a movie...
Toby Maguire in for 'Afterburn' [Hollywood Reporter]

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@tetracycloide: Oooooh, that wasn't what they based that awful ep of Masters of Horror on was it? It had such a good premise, but was horribly executed.

Yup just wiki'd it . Even adapted by Matheson's son. Damn you Tobe Hooper!!! Lifeforce is one of the best movies ever, why won't someone let you make a good movie again.

In anycase it wouldn't hold a candle to the pointer sisters.