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Now missing a Mary Jane, will the Spider-Man musical ever happen? Alan Cumming, the show's Green Goblin, thinks so, but likens his involvement to a bad relationship where he's been hurt once too often. We sense another musical split coming...


MTV spoke to Cumming about the musical, Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, and its current status:

I think it's going ahead. I'm waiting to hear if it's definite... It's like a lover who dumped you and wants you back. You're a little scared to go back in case they dump you again.


That might explain why Evan Rachel Wood quit the production earlier this week - Schedule conflicts were the official reason - although the reality may simply be that she got bored of waiting for a role that was announced 15 months ago to finally happen. If the show does ever begin, Cumming promises that it'll still be worth the wait, however:

It will be stunning. The set and everything will play with your whole idea of perspective and everything... I got the proposed dates the other day, and it said, 'Start Flying Rehearsals,' and then two weeks later it said, 'Start Rehearsals,' I was like, 'What?!'

So now we know how long it takes to learn how to fly, if nothing else. Turn Off The Dark is due to open in late 2010. If it happens at all, of course...

Alan Cumming Says Spider-Man Musical Is 'Like A Lover Who Dumped You' [MTV Splash Page]


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