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Has the Spider-Man reboot found its leading ladies? The Hobbit isn't waiting for an official green light to start casting. Sigourney Weaver is cautiously optimistic about Ghostbusters 3. Cloverfield 2 could still happen! JMS is rewriting Underworld 4. Spoiler rampage!


Spider-Man Reboot:

A new report claims Alice in Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska and Zombieland and Easy A's Emma Stone are working with director Marc Webb in a series of readings and tests. The two are reportedly in line for the film's two main female leads, which the report speculates are Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Parker. One could do the obvious thing and assume the blonde Wasikowska would play Gwen and the brunette/redheaded Stone would play Mary Jane, but of course the exact opposite was true in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies, so who really knows? It's also unclear how this fits in with earlier reports that Mary Jane wouldn't be in the film - or, more precisely, wouldn't be the love interest, which I suppose does leave some wiggle room - or where this leaves the earlier short list of potential actresses from a few weeks back. [Hollywood Insider]


The Hobbit:

Casting calls are going out for the movie, and apparently New Zealand personnel are treating a green light as an inevitability at this point. They're currently looking for stand-ins for the main cast that can be used for scaling purposes - very tall actors to play the humans from the hobbit perspective, and very short actors to play the hobbits and dwarves from the human perspective. So if you're 4' to 5'2" or taller than 6'8" and currently in New Zealand... [Market Saw]

Captain America:

Here's a video showing more of Manchester's transformation into 1940s New York, complete with explosion:

And here are some photos. There are a ton more great photos at the link. [Captain America Filming in Manchester; thanks again to Doug Fisher for the great tip!]


Cloverfield 2:

Director Matt Reeves says he, producer J.J. Abrams, and writer Drew Goddard all want to make the sequel, but their schedules are all very busy and they don't know when they will be able to get around to it. He says they have a bunch of ideas, but really the important thing is they find a way to do it that feels as fresh and innovative as the original. And he says he'd like to direct the sequel, but he'd also be OK with handing it over, depending on what form it takes. [IGN]


Ghostbusters 3:

When asked about the movie, Sigourney Weaver basically said that she loved working with that cast and would enjoy doing so again, and she believes the movies still resonate with kids today. So as long as there's a great script, she would be up for it, but it doesn't read as though she's at all anxious to make another sequel. [Moviefone]


Underworld 4:

Kate Beckinsale has reportedly officially signed on for the next Underworld installment. [ShockTillYouDrop]


The movie is reportedly moving along nicely, and they've brought in a science fiction heavyweight to punch up the script - J. Michael Straczynski is rewriting John Hlavin's original draft. The movie is still looking for a director, as well as an actress to play Selene's daughter. [IGN]

Transformers 3:

Here are a few photos from Detroit's Central Station. Check out the link from more photos, a video and some additional context. [TFLAMB]



John Noble explained why he thinks Walternate is really a good guy:

"Walternate is a good man. He's saving his world. If our world was disintegrating, we'd want someone to step up; that's truly what Walternate does. He's cold and manipulative and wounded, so all those things when you first meet him make you think he's a hard man. But he has reason to be. Someone stole his son, for goodness sake. I'd be furious. I have some affection for Walternate, even though he's not a crowd favorite."


[E! Online]

A casting call for episode nine has gone out looking for what may well be the world's most ordinary man:

[THE GENTLEMAN] 35-45 years old... He's somewhat plain, but also knows how to wear a suit well. Not too handsome and not too weird. He's calm and methodical.


[TWoP Forums]

The Walking Dead:

Here are a few more awesome character posters: [SpoilerTV]

Doctor Who:

Suranne Jones has been cast as Idris in Neil Gaiman's episode. Jones is probably best known from her work on Coronation Street, although Doctor Who fans might recognize her from her role as the evil Mona Lisa in the last series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. [What's On TV]


Speaking of Idris, those quotes we reported on yesterday were indeed the real deal from Doctor Who Magazine. Thanks to Joe and Chris at the Eleventh Hour podcast and Chris Clarke for emailing in to confirm. I guess Steven Moffat really is even crazier than I thought. I am very much OK with this.

The Event:

An important character from the premiere will reportedly be murdered, and someone is lying about who he or she is. Although that last bit is probably true about everyone in the show, provided it runs long enough. [The Ausiello Files]



Regarding Lisa, the woman Dean spent an entire year with between seasons five and six, executive producer Sera Gamble gave this rather grim prognosis:

We're not killing off Lisa...immediately.

[SFX Magazine via SpoilerTV]

Here are a bunch of photos from episode three, "The Third Man": [ShockTillYouDrop]


Stargate Universe:

Lou Diamond Phillips says he's still technically a "recurring guest star", but he will be much more present this season than the last. He also explains where his character stands:

I think the writers have done an incredible job of maintaining a core of integrity to Telford. His mission from the start and even through season two quite honestly is very, very specific. And that is to be the hero and save thse people to get them home. And whether that's self (aggrandizement) or not, he still feels very, very committed to this mission. I think that he feels very frustrated that he was not able to perform the duty that he was called to perform...I think we get to see him operate a little differently once the brainwashing has been taken away."




Here's an interview with executive producer Brian Petersen in which he discusses the season premiere "Lazarus": [OCSK]
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Executive producer Kelly Souders made this cryptic statement when asked about the show's final shot:

Everyone expects it will be Clark in the costume. I will say we know the final shot!


[SFX Magazine via SpoilerTV]

In another interview with Souders, it's confirmed we see Darkseid in the season premiere, though only in CGI. Some Chloe flashbacks were cut from the opener, but they will be used later on in what Souders says is a very organic way. And she says Oliver is going to meet a "very interesting character." [TV Guide]


Here's a first look at Michael Shanks's return as Hawkman: [TV Guide]

And here's one more promo that may or may not be different from the other six or so we've shown (honestly, we lose track after a while): [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff and Charlie Jane Anders.


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