Spider-Man Is Trapped In A Web Of Pitch Meetings

Do you wish Sam Raimi had thought through all the story angles before plunging into the sticky mess that was Spider-Man 3? It sounds like maybe he does too. Raimi hinted that he won't commit to Spider-Man 4 until he hears a really compelling story pitch from the army of writers traipsing to his door:

"Right now, Sony is meeting with different writers to try and bring a fresh new story and approach to the 'Spider-Man' franchise," Raimi told us, "so I've been in meetings with Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin, the producers, and Amy Pascal. Different writers have been coming in and spinning different tales of where 'Spider-Man' can go from here."


Maybe the next Spider-Man can build on the idea that Spidey's fame is corrupting him? It was one of the few compelling ideas in the third movie, but it got lost in the plot overload. Also on Raimi's to-do list: A movie of The Shadow, the pulpy character he owns the film rights to.Image by Mshades.

Sam Raimi On Spider-Man 4 And The Shadow [Superhero Hype]

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