It's the news that Peter Parker had waited too long to hear: Spider-Man is too sexy for his own good. Or, at least, too sexy for elementary school audiences, according to one concerned, vocal mother.

The complaint comes from a mother in Millard, Nebraska, Physha Svendsen, who was disgusted by the depravity she found in the Spider-Man book that her six year old son brought home from the school library:

My son looked at this and goes, 'Ohhhh!' ...It has a lot of sexual undertones in here, as far as sexuality goes... They can learn this through any other place, but it's not something I allow them to learn, in my house at least.


Sadly, the news report from KETV7 in Omaha doesn't name the book in question, although it does wonder what the mother saw that was so terrible:

Svendesen didn't elaborate on the book's literary elements that she found sexually inappropriate. Some illustrations in the book showed a female character wearing a bikini and a short skirt.

Really, she should just be lucky that her son wasn't reading Spider-Man: Reign, the book that gave the world Peter Parker's radioactive sperm killing his wife.

Mom Protests Library's 'Sexual' Spider-Man Comic [KETV7] (via Robot 6)


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