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Sometimes the best posters come from a simple idea—like this one, which is shaped like a window with the coolest thing ever outside.

That’s the idea behind a new poster from Grey Matter Art and artist Andy Fairhurst. He’s created a poster that’s basically a comic fan’s fantasy come true. Imagine you lived in New York City and, outside, you saw Spider-Man swinging by, about to do battle with the Green Goblin.


And now you can, every day, with this great poster.

Even better than what’s outside the window is how Fairhurst makes the whole scene look realistic, with all the little trinkets on the window sill, the colorful blinds, and more. It just makes for a very pleasing image that, once framed on your wall, kind of becomes a permanent Marvel window.

The 18 x 24 inch giclee print costs $40, in an edition of 125, and goes on sale Thursday, November 16th at 1 pm at


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