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Hope you weren't too excited about the prospect of Spider-Man 5 being shot back-to-back with Spider-Man 4. According to Spider-director Sam Raimi, that's not the plan at all... or, if it is, no-one's told him.


We've reported earlier than Sony was looking to make the next two Spider-Man movies at the same time, Lord of The Rings-style, but talking to Ain't It Cool News, Raimi sounded as if he wasn't even sure he was working on the fourth installment of the Marvel franchise:

No one's talked to me about making part 5 at this moment. Right now I'm hoping to make part 4... For me it's just making the next Spider-Man picture, that's all I know right now. [I]t's a never-ending process. Basically we are talking about the story right now, shortly artists will come on and I'll start giving them shots to draw. We are supposed to start talking to a production designer soon, so it will just keep getting larger and larger.


It's not all bad news, though; Raimi did admit that there will be an Evil Dead 4... at some point in time:

Evil Dead 4 is all about blood and gore and Evil Dead movies and I really like the Evil Dead movies and I really want to make another Evil Dead movie sometime. I don't want to say when, because everyone keeps getting mad at me...

Sam Raimi and Quint discuss DRAG ME TO HELL, SPIDER-MAN 4 and EVIL DEAD 4! [Ain't It Cool]

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