Worried that Spider-Man 4 will continue the third outing's overload of villains? Sam Raimi is here to make everything alright by admitting that the Venom/Sandman mash-up didn't work, and promising to do better next time.

In an interview with print magazine DVD & Blu-ray Review, Raimi said,

I think having so many villains detracted from the experience. I would agree with the criticism... I think [with Drag Me To Hell] I've learned about the importance of getting to the point and the importance of having limitations, and I'm hoping to take that into a production where I'm actually allowed to explore with more of the tools to pull it off with a little more splendor. I hope I don't lose that edge that I've just found. That would be my approach to Spider-Man 4: to get back to the basics.


If this means one villain per movie (and, hopefully, less alien entities pretending to be clothes), then we're entirely on board with this new, leaner and meaner Spider-Man being promised.

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