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Spend the holiday with Hedy

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A biography of Hedy Lamarr, movie star and anti-Nazi inventor, is up for grabs. To win the book, tell us about your favorite WW II anti-Nazi inventions.


A member of University Press of Kentucky has contacted us, offering a free hardcover biography of Hedy Lamarr to an io9 reader. Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Woman in Film, by Ruth Barton will be given to the winner of the Holidays with Hedy contest. Hedy got the most credit for her invention of the 'secret communication system,' meant to steer torpedoes into Nazi ships, so the winner of the contest will be the one who recounts their favorite anti-Nazi invention from World War II in comments.


Post your favorite below. Anyone who likes your invention can comment beneath it, giving it their endorsement, and the io9 staff will decide on the winner of the biography.

Update: Congratulations Ceruleanbug! Your prize-winning submission of duct tape. I'll feel patriotic every time I hastily patch up a cracked window or bundle a victim into a trunk.

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Anthony Duncan

That's *Hedley*!