Speed Racer Will Look Better With Crystal Meth

The amazing car-fu in this summer's Speed Racer includes a dive off a sheer mountain cliff, and some kind of weird stilt-hop to avoid getting rammed. Two new international trailers just came out, and they show even more of the crazy buggy action. I'm beginning to think Speed Racer 's title includes the name of the drug you should be snorting to appreciate this film. Click through for a second new trailer.


Remember how dark the Matrix movies were? How gloomy and gray their pallette was? Well, the Watchowski sibs don't, judging from this new footage. This time, they're serving up a bright candy-floss-colored dystopian future, in which virtually everything is a shade of sherbet. My advice: wear your Neo sunglasses to the Imax showing.

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After looking at this trailer, and playing Super Smash Brothers last night, is it any reason the younger generation are all ADD cases?

Saying that, I am all over this movie, as I agree with X, this is what the show looked like when I was younger. Plus, all the translations had the characters speaking 100-miles an hour anyway, so this movie actually kind of feels right.