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Speed Racer Has Cool Car, Bad Hair

Don't expect Speed Racer to be another Matrix. The Wachowskis' new film will embrace its kiddie cartoon roots, judging from this clip. Matthew Fox from Lost wears a X-cowl just like the one Racer X wears in the cartoon, and spouts silly bad-guy dialog. And Christina Ricci has a weird Velma bob. Just look at this picture:

Illustration for article titled Speed Racer Has Cool Car, Bad Hair

There are so many ways to make Christina Ricci look like a cartoon character AND awesome, but this is not one of them. Click here to see ET's interview with Ricci, which isn't on YouTube yet. She doesn't reveal much, except that her character kisses Speed Racer, and she had no idea what was going on during filming because it was 100 percent greenscreen.


On the plus side, the car looks cool. And after the head-clutching Existentialism For Dummies of the two Matrix sequels, it might be good for the Wachowskis to serve up some brain-dead action. I'm just not sure why it needs to have actors, since it's all CGI and sticks close to the cartoon original.

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