Speed Racer Has Actual Characters!

The full-length trailer for the Wachowskis' Speed Racer showcases more character development for Speed and Christina Ricci's Trixie. It also shows off some of the cool weapons and gadgets the Mach 5 will deploy on its way to drag-strip victory and unraveling an evil anti-fairness conspiracy. Most importantly, it gives us our first look at the character we've all been waiting to see... Chim-Chim, Speed's monkey sidekick. In general, the trailer makes Speed Racer look just a hair less manic, and possibly more fun, than earlier versions.

Watch the trailer in HD at Yahoo.


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Was there a point where you all weren't excited for this? I mean I can see not getting excited for fast cars, over the top racing, crazy visuals, John Goodman, Wachowskis, Live Action Anime Speed Lines, Christina Ricci. But it has a monkey!!!