Looks like we'll never know what the unspoken connection was between Agent Charlie Francis and Vague Agent Olivia on Fringe. The actor has reportedly been let go, at least according to his Facebook status.

Oh No They Didn't is reporting that Kirk Acevedo has been cut from Abrams Scooby Gang on Fringe. Taking it to the streets, Acevedo reportedly announced the folly upon his Facebook (although we have no verification right now, it certainly looks like his page).


This is actually very sad. Charlie balanced out the cast pretty well. He played a great straight man and I always enjoyed trying to guess if he and Olivia had a love connection or not - he certainly cares about her a great deal. Plus there were a ton of theories that maybe he was a secret bad guy, and it was only in recent episodes that we started to learn more about him as a person. It's unfortunate that we're not going to get to see his character fleshed out more. The most we got was a few screen shots of Charlie and his wifey in bed - we know there was so much more to uncover in this brooding soul.

But what's done is done, and it sounds like he's already getting replaced by a tough-as-nails and "brash" female agent named Catherine.


Somehow I feel like this is all Olivia's fault.