Sparkle Twilight Candy "U R My Life"

This week in odd Twilight crap that should never have been made: vampire candy. Sweethearts has churned out "Forbidden Fruits" - yes, that's right: heart-shaped candy that remind you not to screw a vampire.

After presenting you all with the Twilight umbrella, body glitter, board game and band-aids, I was sure this would be the end of the ridiculous junk coming out of this film. But no such luck.


Today I tasted the glittery "forbidden fruit" Twicandy, and then I realized that there is still a whole world of Twi-condoms and Twiwombs to market. So surely, this won't be the last "I Trust You" heart I'll savor. Other heart tomes include:

Bite Me
Soul Mate
Bad Guy
My Love
U R My Life
True Love
I Trust You
Live 4 Ever
With You

Side Note: notice on the box how it says "secret scent rub to reveal" that's really so much innuendo I'm assuming someone from packaging wrote that especially for me.


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