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In what is being called the world's first virtual political demonstration, Spanish activists have used holograms to protest a controversial new law limiting the rights and freedoms of protestors.


"Our protest with holograms is ironic," noted Holograms For Freedom spokesperson Carlos Escano in El Mundo. "With the restrictions we're suffering on our freedoms of association and peaceful assembly, the last options that will be left to use in the end will be to protest through our holograms."

Escano is referring to Spain's controversial "Citizen Safety Law," which is set to take effect on July 1st. Under this law, dubbed by activists as the "gag law," it will be illegal to gather in front of government buildings — including universities and hospitals — without permission from the authorities. Organizers who disobey the law could face fines up to €600,000 (USD $634,665). Disrespecting police officers carries a €600 fine (USD $635), while filming or photographing the police carries a €30,000 (USD $31,733) fine.

As reported in The Independent, ghost-like holograms carrying protest signs could be seen in front of the Spanish parliament building in Madrid. The hour-long protest was organized by Holograms For Freedom in conjunction with NoSomosDelito (translated: "We are not a crime"), a movement consisting of more than 100 different organizations. Some 2,000 virtual images were sent and used during the demonstration.


[Via The Independent]

Top image: Czuko Williams/Demotix/Corbis.

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